Everything you need

All-in-One Capture

Remote workers need to capture Zoom or Teams conversations, processes, website, apps on a daily bases. Screenpolo is designed for you to give your productivity back.

Capture what you see right now
Pause the screen content and take your time to capture a region, a window, your entire desktop.
Pixel perfect selection
Use the magnifier glass and the edge snapping to select the part of the screen to capture.
No more weird shortcuts
Define your own shortcuts or click on the status bar icon. No need to use ⌘⇧3, ⌘⇧4, ⌘⇧5 anymore.
Delayed and Redo capture
Redo a capture in 1 click ou capture after a fixed delay.
Your captures are organized
Your desktop doesn't have to be a mess. Your screenshots are saved for you with a proper name in a dedicated folder you choose once.
Your captures are always available
Captures are always available in the menu bar and ready for copy/paste or drag and drop.