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screenpolo 0.1.1

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Jean-Christophe Baey2021-08-24

What's new?

Discover the first version of Screenpolo! 100% written in Swift 5, fully dedicated to MacOS. This release is focussed on the screen capture process and on the storage of the result images. This beta is not feature complete but I am sure it contains the fundation:

  • Capture part of your screen (after frozen the display to give the user the time to select the screen region)
  • User defined hotkey
  • Auto-start with the OS
  • Delayed captured
  • Redo a previous capture
  • Store the list of captures
  • Support of Retina display
  • Support of multiple monitors including mixing high-res and low res.
  • Png/Jpeg files contain the used DPI in the header
  • Support of Appearance mode (Light or Dark mode)